Where are we next? Check this schedule to find out more about upcoming meetings and conferences where you can connect with the Technology Twins.


National Career Development Association  (June 27-29, 2019) Annual Conference in Houston Texas. Come see our presentation:

#112 Share and Share Alike: Peer-Recommended Tech Tools that Bridge the Distance in Career Development

The Technology Twins turn the tables! In this interactive session they not only share their favorite tools of the past year, but also allow you to share yours. Come prepared to add your favorite tech resources to the conversation and leave with a list of peer-recommended career development tools.

Melissa Venable,; Debra Osborn, Florida State University


National Career Development Association  (June 2018) –  2018 Global Conference

National Career Development Association Career Practitioners Institute – Charleston, SC

National Career Development Association  (June 2017) –  2017 Global Conference

Georgia Career Development Association (March 2017) – Mini-Conference 2017

National Career Development Association –  June 30 -July 2, 2016