Snapchat and Irma in Teaching Career Development

Hurricane Irma presented a unique challenge and opportunity last week for this Snapchat experiment. True to my 3x a week commitment, when Friday came, I decided to post this:

Immediately, I got responses back from most of my student followers, of their pets! Once I had heard from them, I decided to send this:

On Monday, I heard from the students that I was the only professor they had heard from during the hurricane. I was reminded how this tool can be used to connect in a caring way with students, and how that connection can make such a difference for them (and for me). I’m also challenged to think about how to balance the academic purpose of the tool (Book quotes are coming up!) and the personal connection. Curious as to how others manage that.


Adding Infographics to Your Online Career Resources

We were thrilled to present at this year’s National Career Development Association (NCDA) conference. As promised, our full slide presentation is now available below.

Learn how to make engaging and informative graphics for your websites, workshops, and online resource pages! Free web-based tools make it easy to create professional products with no previous design experience. This session explores the options, shares good and bad examples, and provides a walk through of infographic creation using Piktochart.

Thanks to all who attended the event for their feedback, participation, and ideas!

Linking Online Resources to Innovative Career Counseling Approaches

I’m very excited about continuing the conversation about how technology can be used in creative ways to enhance career counseling interventions and job searching. This presentation was made at the Ohio Career Development Association, co-sponsored by the National Career Development Association. This presentation is a mashup of previous Tech Twins presentations, updated with ethics, as well as a few new features hot off the presses. Hope you enjoy!

Looking for Tech Tips?

We really enjoy providing information for you here at, but you should also know about the resources available from the National Career Development Association (NCDA). One of the resources anyone can access is Career Convergence Web Magazine. This is a monthly publication that features articles addressing a wide range of topics for career practitioners working at schools, colleges, and businesses, as well as in private practice and beyond.

The Tech Tips column features a new tech subject each month. This section is written and curated by NCDA’s Technology Committee with a focus on practical use by career practitioners in student and client settings. These technical tips offer short lessons on some of the newest tools, trends, and apps.

Once you access Career Convergence’s latest issue, click on the Tech Tips tab on the far right (as highlighted below).

Recent tips include:

  • Layout Help for Career Webpages or Newsletters
  • Gain Security with a Password Manager
  • Explore the Virtual World of Instagram
  • Create Free Online Newspapers with
  • Use Tweetdeck to Manage Twitter

You can search the Archives of this growing collection of resources to find these and past tips. Check for a new tip each month!

I currently chair the Technology Committee, and will lead two informal Tech Tips sessions at this year’s NCDA Conference in Orlando. Look for me and other committee members in the Cyber Showcase and conference schedule. Hope to see you there!



Top Trends Guiding Tech Use in Your Career Practice

We are grateful for the opportunity to present this session as the keynote at the Georgia Career Development Association‘s 2017 Mini-Conference! Thanks to the GCDA Board and Attendees for a warm welcome and great participation throughout the event.

Whether it’s purchasing a new smartphone, choosing online resources for a website, or creating a career-oriented podcast, technology decisions can be overwhelming. And the emergence of “new” and obsolescence of the “old” happen at what seems like an ever-quickening pace. In this session, the “Technology Twins” share their ideas about how digital tools and technology will influence career development activities in the coming years, and what you can do to make the most of them.

This presentation included several embedded videos. Please check out the list of links that appear below to explore. Additional links to other resources and examples appear on the slides.