Linking Online Resources to Innovative Career Counseling Approaches

I’m very excited about continuing the conversation about how technology can be used in creative ways to enhance career counseling interventions and job searching. This presentation was made at the Ohio Career Development Association, co-sponsored by the National Career Development Association. This presentation is a mashup of previous Tech Twins presentations, updated with ethics, as well as a few new features hot off the presses. Hope you enjoy!

Technology, Counseling, & Ethics

Technology continues to provide new avenues for extending and enhancing career advising/counseling service delivery – but we must take into account ethical considerations. This is from a presentation I (Deb) made at NCDA‘s Career Practitioner Institute in Memphis a few weeks ago.

Use of Technology in Career Counseling

I recently had the opportunity to present at the Louisiana Career Development Association. Here are the slides:


Counseling Clients in Niche Tech Fields – Cybersecurity

screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-2-52-31-pmThe term technology can refer to a wide range of ideas, gadgets, interests, and even careers. When clients and students want to explore an emerging field, finding relevant resources can pose a significant challenge for counselors and coaches.

Members of my NCDA network recently reached out with this scenario and question, forwarded from a colleague:

“I’m working with young interns in a cybersecurity company, and am developing a career guidance road map. Can you connect me with coaches, experts, or insights in this field?”

Where to start? I offered up the following:

  • provides a lot of assistance for people in the U.S. who are looking for jobs that require a security clearance. This site includes a lot of helpful articles in related topics, including cybersecurity.
  • is another online community specializing in tech-related jobs and careers. Use their online Skills Center to explore more information about cybersecurity and search their Insights blog for relevant articles.
  • I recently connected with Shane Hartman, an information security instructor at the University of South Florida, on another project. He recommended reaching out to local meetups and groups such as, which coordinates events all over the world. It might be worth reaching out to other schools and faculty members offering related academic programs to find out more about their advice on career road maps and recommended professional associations.

This is just a place to start, however. Are you a career professional who works specifically with cybersecurity (or other niche tech fields)? Please share your ideas for further research and networking!


What’s on Your Website?

Remember the old commercial, “What’s in Your Wallet?”


Well, today’s counselor might do well to ask, “What’s on my website/blog/twitter feed/instagram/youtube channel — social media?”

Dr. Barb Lofrisco just posted a brief (less than 2 minute) video on youtube of herself describing what counseling is to potential clients. This is a great way to provide information about the services you provide, as well as give potential clients a taste of your personality and an idea of how you might be as their career service provider. Future videos could follow that include demonstrations of how to use recommended self-help tools, such as diaphragmatic breathing for stress management, behavioral interviewing skills, etc.

Varying forms of information can increase the palatability of your information to different tastes. If you think of Holland types, some people may prefer charts, others may just want links to sites such as O*NET where they can dig into the research, while others might prefer videos. Ideally, similar to Frank Parsons would say, you would know your viewers and their preferences for for information, and seek to accommodate. Although, by staying with one only one form of delivery, you might inadvertently be alienating other potential viewers.Trying new things helps us to grow as well, and models important behavior for our clients and supervisees. So, what’s one new thing you’re willing to try today?