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Our interests include career planning and development, teaching and counseling, and all kinds of technology. Join us here on the Technology Twins blog as we share our ideas, lessons learned, reviews, papers, presentations, and more.


Deb S. Osborn, PhD

Deb works full time as a professor in the Educational and Psychology Learning Systems department at Florida State University. There, she coordinates the APA-accredited Combined Doctoral Program in Counseling and School Psychology. She has 20+ years as an educator in counselor education and counseling psychology. Dr. Osborn’s program of research includes: identify predictors of and best practices for increasing positive career outcomes and decreasing negative outcomes; applying career-related theory (especially Cognitive Information Processing theory) in research and practice; designing and using assessments in career services; and exploring the role technology can play in enhancing and extending services.Connect with Deb on LinkedIn.

Melissa A. Venable, PhD

Melissa works as a full-time writer and online education expert for HigherEducation.com. Her professional background in career advising, instructional design, and social media management informs her work on topics related to college decision-making and career development. She serves on eLearn Magazine’s Editorial Board, leading the Higher Education column, and is an adjunct online instructor at the University of South Florida and Saint Leo University. Melissa is also a certified Career Coach. Connect with Melissa on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Individually and together you’ll find us presenting, publishing, and participating in many projects related to career development and technology. We are thankful to our friends, colleagues, and attendees at our sessions for their support and the following mentions!

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