NCDA 2018 Conference Call for Proposals

Calling all techies who are also engaged in career counseling, advising, education!!! NCDA has put out its call for proposals for the 2018 conference, June 21-23, in Phoenix, AZ! The conference theme is “Leading the Way by Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice.” Your Tech Twins are busy brainstorming conference presentation ideas, and want to encourage all of our followers to do the same. We love technology and also love learning about how others are using technology to enhance and expand career service delivery. So, please, think about sharing what you do. It’s a lot of fun, and we can learn so much from each other!


2 thoughts on “NCDA 2018 Conference Call for Proposals

  1. Hi Tech Twins! I am brainstorming as well. I have never presented and would really like to. I have been busy working on a non-credit (self-enroll) career development perpetual course inside Canvas (the latest greatest higher education online course tool). I can maybe turn this endeavor into a pres, but I don’t have a clue about determining worthiness for a proposal/session. I’ve also been told that it might be good to start with a round table since I have never presented at NCDA before. Any advice about that or about cool technology to integrate into my course?

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    • Hi Kim! Hope all is well with you. 🙂 I really like Canvas! A presentation about how you used/plan to use the platform to offer your course would be interesting. Would also like to hear more about the self-enroll model, how it works from student and counselor/instructor side, your decisions about content and interaction, assignments and activities that are helpful… There’s a lot of information you can share to NCDA peers!

      Roundtable sessions are a lot of fun and a little less formal than “regular” sessions. It’s a great format for having a conversation with attendees who are interested in your topic.

      Deb and I have been talking about course-level tech lately, and Canvas has a lot of options already integrated, including Google tools, video resources, social apps, and much, much more – might be a good place to start. Look for the Canvas App Center in your course. Here’s a quick video overview:


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