Looking for Tech Tips?

We really enjoy providing information for you here at TechnologyTwins.com, but you should also know about the resources available from the National Career Development Association (NCDA). One of the resources anyone can access is Career Convergence Web Magazine. This is a monthly publication that features articles addressing a wide range of topics for career practitioners working at schools, colleges, and businesses, as well as in private practice and beyond.

The Tech Tips column features a new tech subject each month. This section is written and curated by NCDA’s Technology Committee with a focus on practical use by career practitioners in student and client settings. These technical tips offer short lessons on some of the newest tools, trends, and apps.

Once you access Career Convergence’s latest issue, click on the Tech Tips tab on the far right (as highlighted below).

Recent tips include:

  • Layout Help for Career Webpages or Newsletters
  • Gain Security with a Password Manager
  • Explore the Virtual World of Instagram
  • Create Free Online Newspapers with Paper.li
  • Use Tweetdeck to Manage Twitter

You can search the Archives of this growing collection of resources to find these and past tips. Check for a new tip each month!

I currently chair the Technology Committee, and will lead two informal Tech Tips sessions at this year’s NCDA Conference in Orlando. Look for me and other committee members in the Cyber Showcase and conference schedule. Hope to see you there!



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