What’s on Your Website?

Remember the old commercial, “What’s in Your Wallet?”


Well, today’s counselor might do well to ask, “What’s on my website/blog/twitter feed/instagram/youtube channel — social media?”

Dr. Barb Lofrisco just posted a brief (less than 2 minute) video on youtube of herself describing what counseling is to potential clients. This is a great way to provide information about the services you provide, as well as give potential clients a taste of your personality and an idea of how you might be as their career service provider. Future videos could follow that include demonstrations of how to use recommended self-help tools, such as diaphragmatic breathing for stress management, behavioral interviewing skills, etc.

Varying forms of information can increase the palatability of your information to different tastes. If you think of Holland types, some people may prefer charts, others may just want links to sites such as O*NET where they can dig into the research, while others might prefer videos. Ideally, similar to Frank Parsons would say, you would know your viewers and their preferences for for information, and seek to accommodate. Although, by staying with one only one form of delivery, you might inadvertently be alienating other potential viewers.Trying new things helps us to grow as well, and models important behavior for our clients and supervisees. So, what’s one new thing you’re willing to try today?



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