Top Workplace Skills in 2017

If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn’s annual list of employable skills, the 2017 edition is now available. Each year this professional social media platform uses the vast data available in the system to inform users about the future of work and what employers are looking for. How do they do it? In short, they organize those skills we all add to our profiles, categorize them, and then compare them to LinkedIn-based hiring and recruiting activities.

So, which skills will be in demand in the coming year? It may come as no surprise that tech-related items are heavily featured. The slideshow below also shows specific skills listed by country, and illustrates how each skill has moved up or down on the list since last year.

Are your students and clients trying to navigate the world of professional development to make themselves more marketable in an upcoming job search? Are you interested in augmenting your career development skills to expand your abilities using technology or even move into a new industry? This LinkedIn resource may be a good place to start.

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