Social Media & Statistics – Yes, Please!

As someone who enjoys learning about social media and exploring its potential uses in career counseling and career service delivery, I was beyond excited to come across the 2016 Global Media Research Summary. Do these questions intrigue you?

  • What are the leading social networks are worldwide for millennials?
  • Which are the fastest growing?
  • Which do people spend the most time engaging with?
  • Which has the most interactivity?

These questions (and more) are answered in the link above.  But, the answers aren’t the same when you narrow the demographic to teens and young adults. See those stats here.

Why is this important? Knowing where (and how) your current and potential clients spend their time online is key to informing where (and how) you can best connect with them. With multiple social networks and limited time, it makes sense to focus your social networking activities to where the majority of your clientele are.

I’m excited to be presenting this week at NCDA‘s Career Practitioner Institute in Mystic Connecticut  on “Tech Tools & Tips for Career Practitioners.” We’ll be talking about current and emerging technologies and their potential for career service delivery. Slideshare of that presentation to come.

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