NCDA Conference

Ready to learn from your career colleagues? Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting a conference presentation proposal for NCDA. It is an exciting time to hear about what colleagues are considering for presentations. Of course, the tech twins are submitting one on last week’s blog, focused on how to create infographics for career service delivery. Here are some others I’ve heard about:

  • How career readiness impacts one’s ability to locate/evaluate/use career information, and how career information training impacts perceived value of career information.
  • Application and demonstration of Cognitive Information Processing Theory in practice.
  • The impact of a counselor-free intervention using the Self-Directed Search.
  • Transferable skills in the workplace for recent grads
  • CIP curriculum in a K12 guidance setting
  • Motivational interviewing in career services
  • Impact of a career course on career decision state
  • …and more!

These are just a few I’ve heard about. While there’s no guarantee that all of these will be accepted, just anticipating the number of fantastic topics NCDA attendees will have available to them at the Orlando conference is like anticipating a great feast. The Tech Twins encourage you to submit proposals for the conference (we have a slight preference for tech-like proposals), so that we and others can learn from you.

Also, in prep for the conference, came across this piece about the 15 types of people you might meet at a conference. Do they capture them all? If not, what’s missing – and more importantly, which one are you? No matter who you identify with, we hope to meet you there!

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