A Picture is Worth 1000 … Points of Data

InfographicsInformation overload is upon us. In career services we are managing multiple incoming streams of information, including things like employment statistics, salary surveys, and research reports. Data visualization methods provide ways to present a lot of information quickly, in a way that not only draws interest, but also is easily understood, related to, and retained.

The infographic is one data visualization strategy that you are probably familiar with – these are widely used on websites and in email newsletters. Take a look at this example below from US News Careers: 5 Things College Career Counselors Wish Students Knew.

Would you like to create these images for use in your career center or office? I’ve been exploring multiple tools lately (which you’ve probably noticed if you are following @TechnologyTwins on Twitter).

These tools all have free versions, and provide templates you can modify to create a wide range of graphics, as well as presentations, timelines and resumes.

Have you created an infographic? Consider adding your recommendations to this list.


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