New Book: Technology in Mental Health (2016)

First, a disclaimer. One of the tech twins has a chapter in this fantastic new book, so may be a little biased. We’ll let you be the judge.


First, this book is the only one that focuses specifically on the topic of technology in mental health. This second edition has 39 chapters written by 52 different authors who represent practitioners, professors, consultants, directors, from various mental health fields. The technologies covered spread the gamut and include telephone counseling, chat, virtual reality, texting and more. The book is divided into two sections: Part 1 focuses on the use of technologies in mental health, while Part 2 focuses on integrating technology into training and supervision of counseling providers. The book is full of practical examples, scenarios, ethical considerations, and plenty of up-to-date references for further reading. In addition, the list of 52 authors represents a host of potential fellow technophiles to connect with and learn from.

The book is available online here and you can receive a 15% discount if you add the code GOSS0716. As an instructor of a technology in counseling course, I’m thrilled to have such a high quality book for my students.


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