Virtual Reality … It’s closer than you think!

During the NCDA conference in Chicago last month I was introduced to virtual reality (VR) for the first time. Having this happen in the context of career development was an added bonus. Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.04.42 PM

I wrote about the NCDA session, presented by Justin Thompson, on LinkedIn. The comments that came in were not only encouraging, but led to yet more ideas for the use of this 3D technology in a career-related way. That article also led to a follow-up call with Justin, who continued to inspire with his ideas and ongoing research about how this might all work in a career center.

Since the NCDA conference, I’ve noticed even more evidence of virtual reality in use.

  • Take a look at Ryan Tracey’s E-Learning Provocateur blog for 20 Real-World Examples of Virtual Reality. What if you could enter a virtual gym and work with a virtual trainer? How about as part of medical treatment or to practice a technical skill?
  • shares the Best Google Cardboard Apps. These apps offer everything from immersion in short movies and documentaries to virtual tours of Mars and the human brain. Did you know that Google Street View already offers VR capabilities?
  • If you really want to get your mind blown, check out this video from Microsoft Research demonstrating holoportation. What if you could interact with life-size, 3D representations in real-time … in your physical space? This presentation shows some of the current capabilities of what is referred to as co-presence, which might translate to telecommuting, online learning, and other situations were we work with others at a variety of locations.

From career fairs and virtual internships, to the exploration of workplace environment in another state or country, we may soon be able to participate in these activities at any time, from our homes, schools, and offices. The holographic messaging of Star Wars and Holodeck of Star Trek come to mind – at least to me. There’s still plenty of development work to be done, but I think it’s all happening now, and not something we’ll continue to see only in science fiction stories about the future.

P.S. My Google Cardboard viewer arrived yesterday! Can’t wait to continue exploring…

2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality … It’s closer than you think!

  1. Google Cardboard is great! For approx. $20 you get a gateway into the virtual world, and so much of it is free. I’m impressed by the 360 videos on YouTube… they seem so real.

    For a step up, I’d recommend the Gear VR. More expensive at around $100-$200, but imho a better experience. Though, strangely, it doesn’t handle 360 videos so well.


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