Connecting Technology and Career Theory – Links!

Overwhelmed by the number of devices, apps, and resources available for use in your work these days? We presented a session titled, Technology and Theory: Make the Technology-to-Theory Connection in Your Career Sessions at NCDA this year, designed to help you narrow the field a bit.

In lieu of a handout, this post includes links to all of the tools we shared. This post has now been updated to also include suggestions provided by the session attendees – thank you all! You can find the slides here.

RIASEC Theory – Holland Codes – Identifying type and matching with occupations

Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Theory

Social Cognitive Career Theory

Planned Happenstance Theory

Career Construction / Life Design Theories – Emphasizing client stories, recollections, lifeline

Suggested by the Audience – These resources were recommended by attendees at this NCDA 2016 session:

Please note that most of these tools are free to use, except where noted, but may require account registration to get started. Many also have fee-based upgrades or premium account options available. This all changes with new versions, etc. and we have tried to capture the latest as of the time of this post.

Enjoy exploring the theory-to-technology connection in your work setting! And  leave a comment to tell us more about your related experiences there.

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